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Long-Term Warranties

With every new metal roofing in Fort Collins installation, you can enjoy the benefit of having a long-term warranty attached to the job we do. While metal roofing can withstand just about anything, if something goes wrong with your system before it's time, we will come and take care of the repair right away. There will be no questions asked and no additional or unsuspected charges coming your way.

HAAG Certified Contractors

There are a plethora of different kinds of roofing systems in Fort Collins. Through extensive training, our HAAG certified contractors have brushed up our knowledge on all of them. From a basic residential roof to a much more complicated high-slope or massive roof, we know exactly what we're dealing with and what we're looking for. We have several experienced contractors like this on our dependable crew just waiting to assist you!

Focused on Roofing Only!

You might think that hiring a general contractor to take care of all your home improvement needs is the best route. However, because we focus only on roofing in Fort Collins, we've honed in our skills on doing the best we can in just this one specific area. That's what's lead us to be the industry leaders in roofing in Fort Collins and all of the surrounding areas! There's no doubt about it; we know how to roof!

Long-Lasting Metal Roofing in Fort Collins

Metal Roofing in Fort Collins Installed by the Experts

Metal roofing in Fort Collins isn't a job that every roofing contractor has experience in doing. You might be a bit hesitant about considering it because it's not your typical asphalt roofing installation. 

However, after you learn that these kinds of roofing systems last for practically forever, you might think again. Your more traditional roof will require repairs and replacements over time, costing you quite a bit of money. 

Metal roofing in Fort Collins is a little bit more expensive upfront, but with its durability, there is are no need for roofing repairs or replacements, likely for as long as you live you in your home.
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Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Fort Collins

One of the biggest issues that require roof repair in Fort Collins on more traditional asphalt roof systems happen within the seams, not with the roof itself. The roof is naturally weaker wherever there are seams, and in asphalt roofs, there are a lot. 

Standing seam metal roofing is much stronger, and there are fewer seams where water could have the potential to get in. There are several options, including snap-loc, double-lock, and exposed fastener roofs. 

Our highly trained and trusted roofing contractors in Fort Collins will carefully go over all of your options with you so together we can make the best decision for your residential or commercial property.

Metal Roofing in Fort Collins Requires No Maintenance!

Asphalt shingles fly away or get loosened with the high winds that blow through Northern Colorado, granules start coming off creating a mess, and roof repairs will be necessary if you go with that type of system. You aren't going to have to deal with any of that when you choose metal roofing in Fort Collins. Instead of having regular inspections done to check for weak spots and other problem areas, you're not going to have to worry about a thing. It's a type of roofing in Fort Collins that practically takes care of itself.
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Metal Roofing in Fort Collins and All It's Benefits

Did you know that metal roofing is practically indestructible? It can keep water out, sustain the highest wind forces and hail damages in Fort Collins, and even keep snow from accumulating. If you're worried about safety, mold and fire don't stand a chance against this type of roofing. In some instances, metal roofing in Fort Collins can be applied over your existing roof, so there's no messy tear-off or additional charges for demolition. To top it all off, metal roofing is also resistant to heat, so your energy efficiency is going to be a whole lot better saving you even more money!
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"Worked with the insurance company every step of the way after more roof was damaged in a recent storm... Got a new roof and was completely covered. The installation crew was timely and responsive to all of my questions. If you're in need of roofing services in the Fort Collins area, call these guys. You won't regret you did!

– Bethany P.

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Discover All of our Roofing Services in Fort Collins

As your full-service roofing company in Fort Collins, there isn't any type of roofing job we can't handle. From large commercial jobs to small residential ones, everyone gets the same superior experience with our trusted roofing contractors. With our values of integrity and treating people well, you can relax knowing that you're going to have a pleasant encounter working with our Fort Collins roofers!

Residential Roofing

You don't have to learn the hard way that keeping up with your roof is extremely important. Not sure if your roof is structural sound? Give us a call for a FREE expert roof inspection.

Commercial Roofing

Do you know what your business needs? That's right, a brand new roof. Why? Because you can save a ton of money on new energy efficient roofing and impress your customers!

Roof Repairs

How would you really know if your roof is damaged. You aren't up there every day. If you suspect there is a problem or leak, give us a call. We have the best roof repair in Fort Collins!

Roof Installations

A new roof can add a ton of value to your home or business. We have an amazing variety of roofing materials, styles, and colors that can fit every application and need.
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