Why You’ll Never Want to Stay Indoors in Larimer County

August 6, 2019

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Larimer County, Colorado, offers so many amazing outdoor sights and attractions that residents and visitors might never want to stay inside! Whether you live in the area or are planning a trip to Fort Collins or any part of Larimer County anytime soon, note some of those great outdoor areas you’ll want to visit so you know you don’t miss anything when in Larimer County.

1. Bear Lake

Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Bear Lake offers several trails that are designed for casual hiking to those that are more strenuous and designed for visitors looking for a challenge! The lake is flanked by both mountains and even more lakes so that you have amazing scenic views no matter where you’re at in the national park, and can enjoy a full day of hiking, biking, picnicking, and whatever else you love about the great outdoors.

2. Dream Lake

Dream Lake is a scenic hiking spot also in Rocky Mountain National Park, located at a high altitude along sheer, steep cliffs. While this lake is a bit challenging to find and to reach, for those who are experienced hikers and who love a challenge as well as an amazing view, it’s definitely a spot you don’t want to miss!

3. The Alpine Visitor Center

When you do want to go inside and take a break from hiking and biking, be sure to check out the Alpine Visitor Center. At this center you can find a gift shop for bringing something to the friends back home or for when you want a memento of your day, as well as a small café for enjoying some fresh coffee and a snack for your next hike up the mountains.

4. Old Fall River Road

If you enjoy the great outdoors but aren’t quite ready to hit the hiking trails, enjoy the sights from inside your vehicle along Old Fall River Road. This road was the first vehicle-friendly avenue to cut through the Rocky Mountain National Park and it offers visitors lots to see during their drive. Be sure to plan a full day for your drive and take your time so you don’t miss any amazing sights along the way!

5. Roosevelt National Forest

For those who want to spend some serious quality time in the great outdoors, be sure to visit Roosevelt National Forest. This forest offers lots of space for hiking, biking, and whatever else you love, as well as room for camping so you’re not in a rush to get home! The forest is thick with trees and wildlife so it’s definitely the destination to try for those who love nature.

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