What Is Included in a Roof Replacement in Fort Collins?

March 20, 2020

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If you own a home with standard asphalt shingles, there’s a good chance you’ll face needed roof replacement in Fort Collins at some point. Metal roofs often last for several decades if not indefinitely, but asphalt shingles often last no more than twenty years or so.

When told by a roofing inspector or contractor that it’s time for a roof replacement in Fort Collins, you might immediately wonder what’s included in this work, so you know what you’ll be paying for in the process! You might also wonder how to avoid unnecessary roof repairs and replacement, so you can avoid this cost as much as possible over the lifetime of home ownership.

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What’s Included in a Roof Replacement in Fort Collins?

Homeowners should understand that roofing shingles are not simply nailed to a home’s framework! There are many materials used for roof construction and a full roof replacement might include all these materials or just those damaged beyond repair. Note roofing materials in addition to shingles that often need replacing.

  • If a roof has dormers, a chimney, or walls, your Fort Collins roof replacement will often include flashing. Flashing refers to metal sheets or panels installed between roof edging and obstructions, to create a trench or channel for water drainage. Solid flashing material also helps reduce standing water in those areas, for fewer water leaks and resultant roof damage.
  • Underlayment or felt paper sits underneath shingles, providing added waterproofing. Over time, underlayment might suffer rips, tears, and other damage so it then needs replacing. New underlayment also offers added sound and weather insulation for interior spaces.
  • You might not always see drip edge included in your roof replacement estimate, but this material offers added protection against water damage. A drip edge sits along the edge of a roof, between shingles and gutters, providing an added barrier against roofing materials absorbing rainwater.
  • Homes in warmer climates might not need an ice and water shield, but this roofing element is vital in colder climates! An ice and water shield underlayment offers a waterproof surface, designed to encourage snow and ice to slide off a roof rather than collecting on its surface.
  • Underneath the roof’s underlayment is what’s called the decking, or plywood attached to the home’s framing. Damaged roof decking needs replacing, not repairs, so you might see a price for new plywood on your roof replacement quote. Some roofing contractors also note your potential decking replacement cost, as it’s often difficult to inspect roof decking properly until all other materials are removed.
  • All roofs have vents, to allow hot air to escape and for the circulation of fresh air into a structure. Your roof replacement quote might include the price of new vents, if current vents are damaged beyond repair or if trapped heat and humidity signal the need for new vents.
  • Replacing a home’s roof gives a roofing contractor a chance to replace the gutters as well. New, larger gutters might offer added protection against water damage while updated gutters improve the look of a home instantly.

In addition to all these materials, your roof replacement in Fort Collins estimate might also include various warranties and guarantees, with the option to purchase longer warranties for various materials.

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Signs It’s Time for Fort Collins Roof Repair or Replacement

If you’ve been putting off residential roofing services for a Fort Collins home, or have never scheduled roof repairs before, you might note some signs it’s time to call a roofing contractor! Scheduling timely repairs or a full roof replacement helps avoid otherwise unnecessary repairs to the home’s roofing materials and framework.

One sure sign it’s time to call a roofing contractor near you is curling shingles. As shingles age, they tend to dry out and then curl up along the edges. Shingles on the roof edge might also absorb water in gutters, so their granules then loosen and fall away. If you notice granules in the gutters or lawn near the house, it’s probably time for shingle replacement.

When a roof inspection reveals soft spots, it’s often time for a full roof installation in Fort Collins. Soft spots might indicate damage to decking and, if left unchecked, might lead to a roof collapse! Damaged decking also lets water into the home’s interior, risking damage to the framework and eventual mold growth.

How to Keep a Roof in Good Repair

If you’re concerned about Fort Collins roof replacement costs, you might consider how to avoid that expense in the first place! How you care for and maintain a roof affects its overall lifespan and can help avoid unnecessary repairs and premature replacement.

One vital tip is to consider roof washing as needed for your area, but to avoid managing this work yourself. Professional roof washing removes damaging soot, acid rain residues, bird droppings, and storm debris, preventing shingle damage and clogged gutters.

While roof washing protects a roof from premature damage, improper pressure washing techniques might actually strip granules off shingles and even blow shingles off the roof! While you might be tempted to avoid power washing costs by renting a pressure washer and tackling this job yourself, the cost of a professional pressure washing contractor is offset by avoiding the cost of otherwise unnecessary roof repairs.

Removing snow and ice during wintertime also protects a roof from water damage. Heavy snow and ice also put lots of pressure on a roof, increasing the risk of cracks along its decking. Invest in a quality roof brush or other tools as needed, to keep your home’s roof free of snow and ice in winter months.

Timely repairs are also an excellent way to avoid otherwise unnecessary roof replacement in Fort Collins. Shingles direct water off a home’s roof, so ensure you replace missing shingles as quickly as possible. Have a roofing contractor inspect a roof’s flashing and other materials every year or so, and replace those materials quickly as well. Small fixes such as these help protect roofing materials from larger damage and let you put off roof replacement for as long as possible.

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