What a Fort Collins Roof Replacement Really Costs

October 29, 2019

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Your roof replacement cost in Fort Collins is worth your investment, as a residential or commercial roof in good condition helps insulate a structure’s interior, blocking out heat, cold, and humidity. A roof in disrepair allows in rainwater and humidity, leading to the risk of water damage and resultant mold growth inside a home or office.

The best way to find out your roof replacement cost is to schedule an appointment for a roof inspection by a local roofing contractor. However, it’s good to note what details they might consider when estimating your cost and in determining if a roof is beyond repair and needs replacing. You can then know what to discuss with your Fort Collins roofing contractor when your home or business needs new shingles or a new roof!

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What Goes Into Roof Replacement Costs in Fort Collins

You don’t need to be a roofing contractor to understand some basics of expected roof replacement cost in Fort Collins! Knowing a bit of vital information about the major components of a roof and how they affect the price of repairs or replacement allows you to better anticipate those costs and what to expect from your roofing contractor.

· Materials are typically the most expensive part of your expected roof replacement cost . Asphalt shingles might average about $4 per square foot while materials like slate and metal might range anywhere from $7.50 to over $10 per square foot.

· Heavier materials such as slate might require added bracing of the roof’s structure which then adds to the cost of repairs or a new roof installation.

· Some roofing materials can be installed over a structure’s current roof; however, your local building codes might limit the number of roofing layers allowed on a home or commercial structure, or your structure might not be able to support another roofing layer. Needed tear-offs and the number of layers of shingles to remove add to the cost of roofing repairs and replacement.

· The slope of a roof might add to your costs, as it’s often more difficult to work on a severely steep roof.

· Gables, dormers, and other obstacles are also difficult to work around; the more complex the design of the roof, the higher your roof replacement cost in Fort Collins will be.

· A larger roof also means higher roof replacement cost!

· Roof repairs or a new roof installation might also include replacing flashing and other materials under and around shingles. Your structure might also need chimney repair, repairs to roof vents, and other such fixes, which then add to your roof replacement cost in Fort Collins.

Note that it’s also not unusual to face steeper roof replacement cost in Fort Collins from an experienced roofing contractor working with a larger team of roofers. That added cost can be worth it, however, since an experienced contractor will usually have more insurance coverage in case of damage or injury to their worker. They might also charge a bit more because they take added time to cover landscaping underneath the roof and ensure they clean up and roofing debris around your yard.

An experienced, professional roofing contractor in Fort Collins might also charge a bit more simply because they do a better job of needed repairs or replacement! Experienced contractors develop a keen eye for detail over the years so that they don’t overlook needed areas of repair, and they might have the expertise needed to help you choose the best roofing materials for your home or office. That experience might cost a few added dollars but can be worth it, as it means repairs that are sure to last for many years to come!

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Managing Roofing Cost on a Budget

To save on your roof replacement cost, ask your roofing contractor if your home or business can forego a tear-off. When choosing materials, you might also try finding manufacturer’s rebates or tax incentives, which can help offset the costs of new shingles or metal roofing in Fort Collins.

Some contractors also work with you to contain your roof replacement cost in Fort Collins by performing repairs in sections. You might have one-third of your roof repaired this year, one-third next year, and the last third done the year after. This spreads out your roof replacement cost in Fort Collins while ensuring repairs are done quickly and not put off for too long!

Note that many contractors also help qualified customers with financing for their roof replacement cost in Fort Collins. Your roofing contractor’s financing might include lower interest rates and monthly payments than offered by a bank, helping you save on those costs while still getting needed repairs or roof replacement!

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