Exceptional Tile Roof Installation in Fort Collins

May 31, 2021

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Fort Collins Roofing Company established in 2015. Since then, the certified and licensed roofing contractors we have working for our team have done all types of roof replacements, including the very delicate tile roof installation in Forth Collins. Tile roof installation requires a level of experience and knowledge that goes above and beyond traditional roof installations. It doesn't take much for a roofing tile to get chipped, cracked, or completely break because the roofers doing the handling aren't taking the care required to ensure the materials get from the truck to the top of your house without incident.

We've heard the horror stories from plenty of our customers about how their tile roofing needed repair, and the roofing contractor that they hired just couldn't cut it. One of the experiences a homeowner told us about was one of those explanations that seem to stick with you for years. He called us up, requesting one of our no-obligation FREE quotes. We scheduled an appointment that was convenient for him. When his day came, we showed up in one of our fully-stocked trucks with a roofing inspector ready to get him his estimate. As soon as he arrived, he was shocked at the mess he found in the driveway.

tile roofing in Fort Collins

Apparently, the roofing contractor that he hired to do the work the first time walked out on the job. He was contracted to do just a few simple tile shingle replacements. After he got up on the roof, he talked the homeowner into a complete replacement. When he started doing the work, a significant amount of the tiles the customer had already paid for were damaged. Instead of ordering new tile shingles, the roofing contractor told the client that he would have to re-purchase what he already bought. Needless to say, the homeowner was furious! It wasn't his fault that the roofing tiles were damaged, so he didn't understand why he had to fork over more money. When he refused, the roofing company packed up their things and left. Taking the cash he already surrendered to them with!

Thankfully, that's not how we work. Your tile roof installation is always covered. If something goes wrong, we're fully licensed and insured, so you don't ever have to pay for anything twice. This man was beyond pleased with his final tile roof installation results, and he even referred a few of his neighbors to us.

Discover the depth and creativity that come with tile roof installation in Fort Collins when you contact the roof contractors at Fort Collins Roofing Company today. Tile shingles require a level of expertise that you won't find with other roofing companies. Get a finish that's GUARANTEED with our attentive team.

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