Roofing Information That Homeowners Need To Know

October 6, 2019

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Your home’s roof is more important than you might realize! Not only does a durable, high-quality roof keep your home warm and dry but any building’s roof also provides structural support, dispersing the weight of a home across its span and alleviating pressure on interior walls and floors. A strong roof in good repair also adds to your home’s insulating properties, keeping in your heating and cooling while helping to block outside heat, cold, and humidity.

At Fort Collins Roofing Company, we understand the value of a quality residential roof but also know that most homeowners today are on a tight budget when it comes to home repair and improvement. That’s why we take pride in offering a complete line of today’s best shingles and metal roofing options, and know that we’re the best in the industry when it comes to fast yet affordable roof repairs and roofing installation for Fort Collins homes and businesses.

If you know your home is in need of roofing repairs or that it’s time for a new roof altogether, keep reading for more information about the composition of residential roofs and the types of roofs available today. Then feel free to give us a call to find out the right option for your home when it comes to repairing a roof or installation a new roof in Fort Collins.

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Know Your Options for Roofing in Fort Collins

When having a new home built or when your current home needs a new roof installation, you might be surprised at your various options for new roofing materials. Each has their own pros and cons and come in a wide variety of price points, so don’t hesitate to ask your Fort Collins roofing contractor for advice on which is the right option for your home.

1. Slate

Slate tiles offer a warmth that cannot be duplicated with other shingles and tiles, and are a perfect choice for Mediterranean style homes. Slate is a type of natural stone or rock, so you know they’ll hold up against severe weather conditions! The natural variety of slate tones and shades also creates a very attractive, unique roof surface.

The downside to slate roofing is that the material is typically more expensive than others, typically costing between $600 and $1200 per square foot. Your home’s slate roofing materials might also require added bracing to hold up the weight of slate tiles.

2. Concrete

You might not think of concrete as a suitable material for roofing tiles but concrete can be shaped and formed into a variety of tile sizes and then tinted any color imaginable! Concrete roofing is fire resistant and one of the most affordable choices, typically costing between $150-$200 per square foot. Concrete tiles also have a moderate lifespan, usually about 20 to 25 years, so they’re an excellent choice if you plan on staying in your home for many years to come.

3. Clay tile

As with slate, clay tiles provide a natural aesthetic that improves your home’s curb appeal in an instant! Clay tiles are also very fire resistant and hold up well in inclement weather, offering an average lifespan of 25 years or more. Many clay tile roofing materials for Fort Collins homes are in the mid to upper price range, typically from $200 to $600 per square foot, and their added weight might require some bracing of your home’s framework before installation.

4. Metal roofing

Metal roofing for a Fort Collins home is durable and attractive and fire resistant, and holds up well during hailstorms and other inclement weather. Metal roofing also lasts for many decades, potentially even centuries! Metal panels are also lightweight, making them a great option for adding a layer of new roofing material over existing shingles and tiles. While metal is often a bit more expensive for roof replacement in Fort Collins, typically averaging between $100-$300 per square foot, its longevity makes it an excellent choice for any homeowner.

5. Wood shake

Wood shake tiles offer a rustic appeal that many homeowners love, and they are a very affordable choice, coming in at $100-$250 per square foot. However, wood shake tiles offer the least amount of fire resistance and need constant maintenance and care.

6. Architectural shingles

Unlike standard asphalt shingles that are installed with an overlapping design, architectural shingles are installed flat against a home’s roof. Their laminated manufacturing process means high-quality water resistance that offers a 12-17 year lifespan, at the affordable price of $60-$80 per square foot.

7. Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles still remain the most popular choice with homeowners because of their affordable price, usually $200-$600 per square foot, and ease of installation. Asphalt shingles also last anywhere from 7 to 15 years before they need replacing, and come in a range of colors from black to slate gray, reddish tones, and many shades in between!

Why You Need Fort Collins Roof Repair

Never put off needed roof repair in Fort Collins, as even small leaks tend to get larger and more pronounced over time. Ignoring needed roof repair also means the risk of interior water leaks inside your home and resultant mold growth.

Understanding why a home needs roof repair in Fort Collins can help any homeowner care for their roof more effectively, avoiding damage and scheduling repairs right when they’re needed. Check out this list of reasons why your roof suffers damage over time:

  • Rain, condensation, snow, and ice lead to water damage of a roof’s shingles and tiles. Once those shingles get wet, they tend to soften and then split and crack or crumble and fall away from the roof. The weight of heavy snow and ice also put pressure on shingles, leading to damage.
  • Harsh sunlight dries out shingles, making them brittle and more likely to crack and crumble.
  • High winds blow shingles right off a roof’s surface, and especially if those tiles are old and damaged and their connectors have loosened over the years.
  • Algae and moss grow in the nooks and crannies of a roof, loosening shingles and tiles and making them more prone to falling away from a roof. Algae also eats at the materials used to create asphalt tiles!
  • Overhanging tree branches mean fallen leaves, twigs, seeds, acorns, and other residues that damage shingles and tiles. Birds roosting in trees also leave behind droppings that dry out asphalt tiles, and branches scraping on a home’s roof loosen tiles rather easily.

Along with all these risks, roofing materials have an expected lifespan after which they will usually need replacing! The roofing materials and quality of manufacture affect that lifespan, which is why homeowners do well to invest in name brand replacement shingles and tiles for their roof repairs and roofing installation in Fort Collins.

How to Prevent Needed Roof Repairs For a Fort Collins Home

All roofs will need repair eventually, but a few simple steps you can take will ensure that your home’s roof avoids otherwise unnecessary repairs. For example, proper roof ventilation is key to avoiding unnecessary damage. Ventilation along the roof’s surface helps to dry out condensation and other moisture, keeping the roof and the home’s interior dry. Have your home’s roof vents checked annually for blockage and signs of damage, to protect the roof itself.

Regular roof washing also protects your home’s roof. Power washing or a soft wash cleaning removes layers of drying soot and acid rain residues as well as damaging leaves, twigs, seeds, bird droppings, and other residues. Pressure washing also makes your home look its best from top to bottom! A thorough power washing also reveals areas of needed repairs, so you can replace damaged shingles before your home suffers interior water leaks.

Since overhanging tree branches pose so much danger for a home’s roof, consider trimming away those branches on a regular basis. It’s also good to have your home’s roof inspected after heavy storms move through your area, to note if there are fallen tree branches and other residues that need removing. This will help protect your roof from premature damage and ensure it’s always in good condition.

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Why Choose Fort Collins Roofing Company

Why call the pros at Fort Collins Roofing Company for needed roof repairs and replacement? Consider some reasons why we’re the best in the industry when it comes to roof repair, full roof replacement, and all other roofing in Fort Collins:

  • Fort Collins Roofing Company offers FREE inspections for needed roof repairs.
  • All roofing contractors at Fort Collins Roofing Company are HAAG certified, so you know you’ll get a quality inspection and only the highest-rated repairs.
  • Fort Collins Roofing Company has a full line of roofing materials for every home, in a wide range of price points. No matter your home improvement budget, we’re sure to have a solution that fits your needs!
  • Locally owned and operated, the roofing contractors at Fort Collins roofing company know the local weather conditions and best roofing materials for area homeowners.

Whatever your needs for roof installation or roofing repairs in Fort Collins and surrounding cities, call the pros at Fort Collins Roofing Company today!

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