Professional Residential Roofing Project in Loveland

May 31, 2021

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One thing that we know at Fort Collins Roofing Company is residential roofing. We do commercial roofing services as well, but we definitely do more homes than we do businesses. That's because there are more homes than there are businesses in the area that need our attention consistently. All of our roofing contractors are highly-trained, licensed, and certified to ensure the repair, replacement, or installation is handled precisely how it's supposed to be. Over the many years that we've been in business, we've developed the most efficient, reliable, and affordable customized solutions for every project that we do. Our team of roofing technicians has seen it all too, so there's nothing that surprises us, and nothing we can't handle.

residential roofing in Loveland

There's one job that we did for residential roofing in Loveland that we can't seem to forget about. It comes up around the office when we're planning out for a new roof installation quite frequently because it was one of those that actually did take us back a few steps when we confirmed what was going on. The customer called us and told us that they had just had a new roof put on by another roofing company. After some time, they were noticing that the temperatures in their house were a lot warmer than what they used to be. It was the middle of the summer and rather warm, so we didn't pick up on any red flags at first. We did agree to come out and check the work, though, because the previous company that they had contracted with insisted that nothing was wrong.

As soon as our trucks pulled in the driveway, we knew instantly what had happened. The roofing company didn't take the steps necessary to ensure proper attic ventilation. In fact, they had completely sealed up the entire thing, so there was absolutely no airflow getting through the eaves and no roof ridge letting air back out. It was a corner they had cut, and the homeowner was lucky enough to catch it quick enough that it didn't lead to any significant issues.

The other guys didn't offer any warranties or guarantees on their work, so the homeowner was out some cash, but we quickly came up with a solution to their problem that wouldn't require a complete tear-off and roof replacement. We gave them our WARRANTY too, and they were 100% satisfied with our work.

The experts from Fort Collins Roofing Company are who you want taking care of your residential roofing in Loveland. We have certified roofing contractors that can provide you with long-lasting, affordable roof repairs, roof replacements, and roof installations starting with a FREE, no-obligation quote. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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