Recent Metal Roof Replacement Project in Johnstown

May 31, 2021

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When it’s time for a new residential roof, Fort Collins Roofing Company has discovered that more homeowners are showing interest in modern metal roof replacement. There are a lot of misconceptions about this type of roofing system. We’ve had to debunk plenty of these illusions over the years, and we have the knowledge and training to do so. When a customer calls for a roof replacement, we don’t ever give just one selection. Although asphalt shingles are the traditional choice, we want everyone to know all their options before making a decision. Whenever we get to the topic of metal roofing, we hear people that are concerned about things like it attracting lightning or causing unbearable noises when it’s raining. We’ve even had some patrons worry that a metal roof is too heavy for their house. These are all myths, and we’ve done pretty well taking the time to explain away the concerns that come our way. Metal roof replacement in Johnstown is a bit more costly, so some of our customers, they need to be reassured and completely confident that they’re making the right investment.

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After seeing what one couple experienced, it’s no wonder that so many people are apprehensive about going with this more expensive alternative. They hired a roofing contractor that had no business working with metal roofing materials. There are specific products required along with methods that must be utilized to achieve the durable finish that comes with a quality metal roof. This newlywed pair had just purchased their home, and they knew it needed a new roof right away. They had heard about the benefits of metal roofing, including that it’s virtually maintenance-free. They were right, but it’s only the case if it’s been properly installed. The finished roof they had paid thousands of dollars for, started aging within the first year. They began seeing gaps, and before long, water leaks were inevitable. Ponding water was another issue, and it appeared that the entire thing could blow off at any minute. When we arrived to do our FREE inspection defeat was written all over their faces.

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We were able to offer them a solution to get their metal roofing installation done correctly using some of the materials that were there. We got the job done for a fraction of the price, and now they have a new roof they can expect to last for decades.

If you want a home that’s structurally sound, get in touch with Fort Collins Roofing Company today. We have experience in doing metal roof replacement in Johnstown that’s GUARANTEED to last for decades. There’s no roof maintenance or repairs required! Learn more when you call for your FREE estimate now!

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