Is Hail Damage to a Fort Collins Roof Really That Serious?

July 18, 2020

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It’s always recommended that a homeowner schedule a full-scale inspection if they suspect hail damage to a Fort Collins roof. However, many homeowners wonder about the seriousness of storm damage and if Fort Collins hail damage roof repairs are always needed.

Only your roofing contractor can tell you the condition of your home’s roof after a stormy season, but if you’re the type of homeowner who puts off needed fixes as long as possible, you might note some vital information about the dangers of hail damage. It’s also helpful to consider hidden signs of roof damage so you know when to schedule a roof inspection for a Fort Collins home, even if it hasn’t been particularly stormy in the area.

Why Hail Damage to a Fort Collins Roof Is Serious

It’s important that a homeowner first understand that a roof doesn’t need to leak or sag and shingles don’t need to be outright missing for a roof to need repairs. Split, cracked, or otherwise damaged shingles are more likely to blow away in a strong gust of wind or simply fall away from their connectors and the roof itself. Those splits and gaps also allow water to seep underneath the shingles, defeating their entire purpose!

hail damage to roof in Fort Collins

Hailstones can also bend shingles so that their sides curl up. This also allows water and storm debris to seep and settle in those cracks and openings, leading to damaged decking, flashing, and other needed repairs. The longer they’re ignored, the more serious those fixes become and the costlier your eventual repair bills!

Hail damage to a Fort Collins roof can also result in shingles losing their protective granules. Those granules help avoid standing water on the roof, reducing the risk of water damage below. Granules also protect shingles themselves, keeping them strong and solid. If hail strips those granules from shingles, they need replacing as soon as possible.

Why Avoid DIY Inspections and Roof Repair in Fort Collins

After a storm or long stormy season, a homeowner might be tempted to drag out the ladder and check the condition of their home’s roof themselves. While this might be cheaper than a professional Fort Collins roof inspection, it’s not the best course of action!

One consideration is that you cannot offer a proper inspection from a ladder but walking on a roof itself is dangerous; even experienced roofers can slip, fall, and suffer severe injuries. Not only is an up-close inspection vital but roofers typically walk on a roof to check for soft spots underfoot; these alert them to structural damage but are also dangerous if you don’t know how to test them properly! In extreme cases, those soft spots can literally give out from underneath you, which is a very good reason to leave needed roof inspection to a professional.

A homeowner also might not know exactly what to look for when inspecting a home for roof damage; for instance, they might overlook flashing damage, loose connectors, stripped granules, and the like. Looking for torn or missing shingles only can mean allowing small repairs to get more extensive and costlier over time. Your home can also suffer interior water damage and resultant mold growth if you overlook any damage to a roof.

When You Need a Fort Collins Roof Inspection

Homeowners should schedule a Fort Collins roof inspection every few years and even annually if that roof is especially old and nearing the end of its expected lifespan. It’s also vital to schedule a roof inspection after a strong hailstorm or a particularly stormy season. Storm residues, including leaves, twigs, tree branches, sap, and other such debris are all damaging to a home’s roof, so consider an inspection even if you haven’t noticed hail in the Fort Collins area.

A home’s roof contributes to its overall insulation; damaged roofs let in heat, humidity, and cold, while also letting out your heating and cooling. If you notice a suddenly uncomfortable indoor environment or a spike in your utility bills, and especially if this happens after storms move through the area, it’s time for a full-scale roof inspection!

roof hail damage fort collins co

A homeowner might also notice signs of roof damage around their yard and property, including granules in the home’s gutters, nails and other connectors along the lawn and landscaping features, and even pieces of shingles and flashing lying around the yard. Curled or otherwise uneven shingles also need replacing, and you can often notice this unevenness from your yard or across the street from your home!

How to Find the Best Contractor for Hail Damage to a Fort Collins Roof

If you suspect hail damage to a Fort Collins roof, or need an inspection for any reason, how do you find the best contractor? The first suggestion is to always choose a roofing company with years of specialized experience; a general contractor might have some expertise when it comes to roof repair but a specialized roofing company knows how to check every inch of a home’s roof properly. Actually roofing contractors know how to spot missing granules, flashing damage, and other signs of needed Fort Collins roof repair.

A Fort Collins roofing contractor should also specialize in hail damage inspections and repairs. Spotting subtle signs of hail damage, such as bent or soft shingles, also takes some skill and expertise. Choosing a Fort Collins roofing contractor that possesses those skills ensures no detail is overlooked when it comes to potential storm damage on your home’s roof!

A homeowner would also do well to avoid choose a roofer based on price alone. A skilled contractor knows their value and will charge customers accordingly. Roofing contractors trying to “lowball” an offer might also be struggling to find work and are hoping their low price compensates for a lack of skills and expertise! Remember that your home’s roof and needed repairs are an investment in your property values and overall comfort. Choose a company that offers skills and expertise for hail damage in Fort Collins repairs and you’ll be happy with their services for years to come.

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