How To Find Commercial Roofing Companies in Fort Collins

October 29, 2019

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Not all Fort Collins commercial roofing companies are alike, which is why it’s vital that a property owner understand how to choose the best company for their roofing needs. Choosing a roofing contractor based on price alone can be a costly mistake, as some lower priced companies might save on their own costs by using substandard materials and cutting corners during a roofing repair or installation project.

If you’re in the market for new roofing for a commercial structure, consider some quick but important tips for choosing between the many Fort Collins commercial roofing companies in the area. This will ensure you find the right company for your property and that you’re happy with those repairs or your new roof for many years to come!

What to Look For In Commercial Roofing Companies in Fort Collins

Before you pick up the phone or start browsing the internet in your search for Fort Collins commercial roofing companies, consider some important details when it comes to qualified roofing contractors. If you don’t see any of these factors in potential Fort Collins commercial roofing companies, you might keep searching elsewhere!

• All qualified Fort Collins commercial roofing companies should have insurance, but note the amount of coverage provided. A few thousand dollars of insurance coverage might be insufficient for reimbursing you the cost of potential damage to your structure’s roof or property. 

• Be sure that any potential roofing company has adequate worker’s compensation as well, so that they cover the cost of injuries to their workers while on your property.

• It’s good to consider locally owned and operated Fort Collins commercial roofing companies, as out-of-state franchises might not be familiar with local weather conditions and won’t be as helpful in choosing the best roofing materials for your structure. 

• Some franchises might also subcontract their work to local roofers who are not as qualified and skilled as contractors who own their business. A business owner will care about his or her reputation in the area and will usually take more time to ensure a quality Fort Collins roofing installation or roof repairs.

• A reliable roofing company will have several options for roofing installation and repair materials, including a variety of shingles, tiles, and even potentially metal roofing. These various materials all have their own pros and cons and a property owner should be able to choose the best one for their structure and their budget.

• Reputable Fort Collins commercial roofing companies will typically offer free inspections of a roof, to ensure they know all the work involved and can offer a fair and reasonable estimate. A company that offers a quick estimate over the phone, without having inspected a property, might be in a hurry to close the deal and not the right company for the job!

It’s also vital that property owners be wary of lowball offers even if you’re on a tight budget. A roofing contractor in Fort Collins might offer a low price and then tack on additional fees and costs as the job progresses. Be sure you get all estimates in writing and that your estimate states clearly that there will be no additional charges or fees.

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What to Avoid In Fort Collins Commercial Roofing Companies 

Along with being wary of lowball offers, you might note some additional red flags when it comes to Fort Collins commercial roofing companies so you know you end up with a reputable company and quality repairs. Since a new roof is often a costly investment, it’s good to take your time and note some cautions about roofing companies before you make a decision and sign any paperwork!

It’s good to look at online reviews of potential roofing companies in Fort Collins; the occasional negative review isn’t necessarily an indicator of poor quality work, but the majority of a company’s reviews should be positive! If you cannot get a personal response from a roofing company through their website or other means of contact within a reasonable timeframe, this might also indicate that they’re overbooked and understaffed and might try to rush through your roofing job.

No matter the reviews and cost of a roofing installation in Fort Collins or needed repairs, you always want to feel comfortable with the company you choose. A representative should take time to answer your questions about your structure’s roof and the materials available in your budget. A courteous, professional approach to customers by Fort Collins commercial roofing companies typically indicates a professional approach to the job and the likelihood of repairs that will last for years to come.

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