How Much Should a Roof Replacement Cost?

January 10, 2020

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While a roof replacement cost might be a bit steep for some homeowners, it’s vital that you invest in a new roof when needed. A home’s roof does much more than keep out rain and snow; it also keeps pests out of the home, provides structural support for the house, and is a large part of your home’s overall insulation. A roof in disrepair can result in trapped heat and humidity, a drafty home during wintertime, insect infestation, and damaged framing.

Typical roof replacement costs average $2 to $4 per square foot, or between $2000 and $8000 for a moderate-size roof with a gentle slope. Specialty materials such as wood or metal and additional dormers and other obstacles add to this overall cost.

Since a quality roof in good repair is so important for your home’s stability and for your comfort as well, you might note some vital information about roof repair and installation overall. You can then discuss your home’s needs for a new roof with a roofing company near you and better understand your choices for roofing materials as well.

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When Does a Home Need a Roof Replacement?

Before you decide that roof replacement costs are too steep for your budget, you might note some signs that a roof is in disrepair and needs fixing or replacing. Don’t overlook these signs around your home as neglecting a roof in disrepair often means added utility costs, continued damage to the home’s framework, and other costly fixes down the road.

  • A sagging roof is often visible from the street! If you stand on the sidewalk or across the street from your home and note sagging areas, shingles jutting upward, curled shingles, and other signs of structural damage, it’s time to budget for roof replacement costs.
  • Large stains on a roof might indicate shingle damage and the need for roof replacement, and especially if those stains don’t come out with a good pressure washing!
  • As shingles dry out over the years, they get brittle and start to crumble. You might notice granules in a home’s gutters or lawn near the house, indicating it’s time for shingle replacement for your home.
  • As a home’s roofing materials absorb water, the edges of shingle along a roof’s eaves tend to curl or pull away from the roof. In some cases, water damage is then so severe that the home needs a full roof replacement and not just new shingles and tiles.
  • Roofs have an expected lifespan after which time shingles are dry, thin, brittle, water-soaked, or otherwise compromised. In turn, the roof is not insulating your home and protecting it from outside damage as it should. A full roof replacement ensures the home’s interior is insulated properly while also protecting the home’s structure from damage.
  • In areas prone to strong storms, a roof might suffer so much damage that shingle replacement is as costly as an entirely new roof! Rather than trying to patch up the roof “here and there,” a full roof replacement is often a better investment overall.
  • You might not think it’s a wise idea to invest in major fixes to a home you plan on selling in a few years, but an old and worn roof can reduce buyer’s offers significantly, even reducing the number of people interested in your home at all! A new roof replacement, even with affordable low-grade shingles, is an excellent choice for making your home appealing to homebuyers and ensuring a quick sale.
  • If you plan on staying in your home for years if not indefinitely, investing in a high-quality metal roof is an excellent choice for foregoing roof repairs and replacement over the lifetime of home ownership! A metal roof replacement cost is often a bit steeper than standard shingles but metal is tough and durable and last for decades before it needs repairs or replacement. In some cases, a metal roof might outlive the home’s occupants! If you have the funds now for a roof replacement cost, consider upgrading to metal so you don’t need to worry about roofing costs over time.

How Can You Lower Your Roof Replacement Cost?

Never settle for low-quality roofing materials as a way of lowering roof replacement cost; instead, ask your contractor if you might do some tear-off yourself to reduce your expenses. You might also schedule roofing replacement during the off-season when contractors aren’t so busy and are potentially willing to lower their prices.

You might also consider having your roofing replacement done in sections. Having a fourth of your roof replaced every year, for example, allows you to spread out those costs over those four years. A roofing contractor might also note if homeowner’s insurance covers some costs for storm damaged roofs or other incidents.

What Are Your Choices for a New Residential Roof?

When you do decide to invest in your roof replacement cost, you might be surprised to learn of all your choices for new roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are still popular as they’re a durable and affordable option, and fit most styles of homes. Metal roofing is becoming just as popular due to its longevity and durability; metal is also fully recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice for homes.

Plastic roofing shingles are also an option for some homeowners; plastic, resins, and other similar materials are lightweight and affordable but haven’t been in use long enough to note their overall longevity and durability. Poured concrete is an excellent option as concrete is fire-resistant and easy to shape and form into just about any style, so your concrete tiles might resemble metal, clay, and other more expensive materials.

Clay roofing tiles are preferred for Mediterranean style homes, although these tiles are quite heavy and might require added bracing before installation. Wood shingles also provide lots of visual appeal but are not as durable as other materials and might need replacing more often throughout the years. Your roof replacement contractor can also note any concerns regarding your chosen materials for roofing and recommend the best option for your home as well.

Why Roof Replacement DIY Is a Mistake!

Never think that you can avoid roof replacement costs by installing a roof yourself. While a homeowner might be able to replace a few shingles after a storm, a full roof replacement is much more complicated. For example, flashing might need replacing; this is a metal material placed between shingles and chimneys or other obstructions, to create a watertight seal. Damaged flashing increases the risk of water damage to a home’s framework and the roof structure.

Once water seeps beneath shingles and other roofing materials, it’s vital to inspect the roof rafters, joists, and other building materials for damage. Simply putting a new roof over damaged framework often results in added damage and increased risk of mold in the home.

While a new roof can sometimes be installed over an existing roof, local building codes often stipulate how many roofing layers are safe and legal. It’s also vital that you don’t add too much weight to a roof, to avoid pressure on the roof rafters. A roofing contractor ensures that a new roof is installed properly, or that the current roof is removed as needed.

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How to Choose a Roofing Contractor Near You

Now that you understand why a roof replacement cost is worth your investment and why roofing is not a DIY job, you might wonder how to choose a roofing contractor near you! One vital reminder is that you don’t want to make your choice based on price alone. A very cheap roofing contractor might be using substandard materials or lack the experience and skills needed to ensure your roofing job is done right.

It’s also important to ensure that your chosen roofing contractor has a team of contractors available; avoid smaller companies that cannot answer your calls promptly or perform proper inspections, as this often means your roofing job will take far longer than it should! A quality roofing contractor should also use factory direct, certified materials with a full warranty, ensuring their durability and longevity.

A quality roofing contracting company should also stand behind their work with a full guarantee! If your roofer only offers a 30-day guarantee or other short-term warranty on their work or materials, this is a red flag that they don’t believe in the quality of what they’re offering you. Choose a roofing company that ensures high-quality work that lasts.

Related Questions

How often should you replace your roof?

Every roofing material has an expected lifespan after which you should consider roof replacement. Exposure to harsh weather elements including bright sunshine also decreases a roof’s overall expected lifespan, so you might face roof replacement more often the more your home is exposed to storms, high winds, and sun.

Why is a flat roof less expensive to replace?

You might notice your roof replacement costs increasing if your home’s roof is particularly steep, has lots of dormers, or is otherwise not as flat as other residential roofs. A roofer needs to work around those dormers and obstructions and a sloped roof might actually take up more square footage than a flat roof! In turn, your roof replacement costs are increased for a steep roof with lots of obstructions.

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