Does a Leak Mean You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Fort Collins?

August 6, 2019

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A homeowner should never avoid needed emergency roof repair in Fort Collins, as minor roof damage can turn into a major expense before too long! You might also need to call for an inspection and emergency repairs in a timely manner for your homeowner’s insurance to cover roof damage in Fort Collins.

While not all damage to a home’s roof signals the need for emergency repairs, you might note if an interior leak means that it’s time to call a roofing company near Fort Collins. It’s also good to note some other signs of roof damage and what you might be expecting by way of repairs or if it’s time to consider a full residential roof replacement in Fort Collins as well!

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6 Reasons for Roof Leaks and Emergency Roof Repair in Fort Collins

To better understand if your home’s roof leak means that you need emergency roof repairs in Fort Collins, first note six common reasons for roof leaks in the first place. This can alert you to needed repairs and if you might need a full residential roof replacement for a Fort Collins home:

  1. Compromised shingles are a common reason for roof leaks. Torn shingles, shingles missing their upper granules, soggy and soft shingles, or missing shingles do not protect a roof’s bottom layers as they should, allowing cracks and leaks to form inside a home. Be sure to have your home’s roof inspected every year so you can replace damaged shingles quickly, or schedule a full residential roof replacement for a Fort Collins home as needed.
  2. Damaged roof flashing also leads to interior leaks. Flashing refers to thin metal sheets placed along a roof’s valleys and in the crevices where a roof edge meets a chimney, vent, and other such obstructions. The purpose of roof flashing is to provide added protection against water damage and leaks in these areas so when flashing is torn, missing, or compromised, your home often suffers interior water leaks.
  3. Poor roofing installation on a Fort Collins home leads to eventual water damage and leaks. Using the wrong nails or fasteners, leaving gaps between shingles and other such improper techniques compromise the stability of a roof and risks water leaks. This is why it’s vital that you only work with certified roofing inspectors and a high-quality, well-reviewed roofing company near Fort Collins for needed repairs and roof replacement!
  4. A punctured roof, such as from falling tree limbs or large hailstones, leads to interior water damage. This type of damage is often very serious and needs immediate repairs, which is why you want to call for emergency roof repair in Fort Collins after a storm, if a tree branch has fallen on your home, and so on.
  5. Your home needs proper ventilation so that humidity can escape through the attic or crawlspace. Without needed ventilation, a roof absorbs that humidity leading to softened and damaged shingles and roofing materials that allow for water leaks.
  6. A home’s roof has a certain expected lifespan; after that, shingles and tiles and other materials start to decay and break down, reducing the protection they offer for your home’s roof! If you’re not sure the age of your home’s roof, call for a certified roofing inspector in Fort Collins as he or she can inspect the roof and note its overall wear and tear and how many years are left in its shingles, tiles, flashing, and other materials.

What to Do If You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Fort Collins

If your home’s interior develops a leak through a ceiling or along a wall, you want to try to stop that leak at its source. If you can safely access your home’s attic or crawlspace, follow the line of water creating the leak until you see its point of origin. Close off that leak as much as possible while waiting for your emergency roof repair contractor.

If you can’t follow the water leak to its origin point, use a screwdriver or other tool to create a larger hole in the home’s drywall or ceiling tiles. A larger hole helps to contain that water leak to just one spot and allows you to more readily catch it in a bucket or pan before it runs even further along the wall or ceiling.

While you want to avoid walking on a wet, damaged, or otherwise unsafe roof, note if you can put a tarp over the damaged area while staying safe on a ladder or other platform. Avoid trying to remove large tree branches and other residues, as storm debris, broken branches, and hailstones might begin to slide along the surface of the roof and create a hazardous condition.

How to Prevent the Need for Emergency Roof Repair in Fort Collins

Homeowners can’t always prevent roof damage in Fort Collins, as strong storms create debris and residues that compromise the overall integrity of a roof somewhat easily. However, there are many things you can do to keep a home’s roof in good repair and avoid otherwise unnecessary damage, including cracks, damaged flashing, and water leaks:

  • Ensure that your home’s gutters are always clean and free of clogs. Clogged gutters allow water to pool around the edges of a roof; shingles and tiles then absorb that water and become buckled, curled, crumbly, or otherwise damaged. In turn, those shingles and tiles won’t protect your home as they should and interior water leaks form eventually.
  • Keep your home’s roof clean and clear of leaves and other debris. Leaves, twigs, thick soot and grime, bird droppings and nests, and other residues don’t allow water to run off the roof as it should, increasing the risk of water leaks. Schedule professional power washing annually, every few years, or as often as recommended by a pressure washing contractor.
  • Avoid making your own roof repairs in Fort Collins, as poor-quality repairs might compromise the overall integrity of a roof.

When you do need emergency roof repair in Fort Collins, be sure to rely on highly-trained and skilled contractors so you know the job is done right and you avoid future repairs as well!

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