Fort Collins Commercial Roofing Project by Expert Roofers

May 31, 2021

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Fort Collins Roofing Company is the industry-leading business for commercial roofing in Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. We have an iron-clad customer satisfaction GUARANTEE that our clients rave about whenever we ask for a review of our work. Having a Fort Collins commerical roofing project done is no minor investment, and business owners want to know that their money is going to the right place. We're so confident in our licensed and certified roofing contractors that we promise to come back and fix anything that comes up as a result of our workmanship. There's no additional fee either because we stand firm behind our WARRANTIES. We know that we follow the methods essential to provide you with a stable commercial roof. Returning to a location to fix our work is something that we rarely have to do. Most often, when we're called out to do a commercial roof repair, it's because the previous roofing contractor didn't follow the proper procedures, or they used cheap materials to put more money in their own pockets. Cleaning up other people's work isn't something we necessarily look forward to doing, but we know when it's the best option for the customer, and with us, the customer always comes first!

commercial roofing fort collins

A business owner in the Fort Collins area recently discovered just what that meant for their commercial roofing. They had hired another contractor to do a complete commercial roof replacement. This person was new to owning their business, and they had never had to hire a roofing company before. Like many of the people we serve, they had taken the roofers word for it when they said the products they were using were the right ones. The company offered them a much lower price than what they had received from others in the area, so they thought they were getting a real bargain. What they didn't realize was that the roofing materials that the fly-by-night roofing company was using weren't the right ones for the type of roof they had. It also hadn't been installed with the correct methods, so soon, they saw standing water, blow-offs, and issues with holes and punctures that shouldn't have happened so fast.

We quickly provided them with a list of options to clean up the mess, and the woman was thoroughly delighted that we could get the work done right away, and we got it done correctly the first time!

Fort Collins Roofing Company specializes in commercial roofing of all shapes and sizes. We offer fair prices, durable finishes, and a reliable roofing crew that always shows up on time. We will conveniently schedule your commercial roofing project around what works best for you and your business. FREE estimates available!

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