Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation Project in Fort Collins

May 31, 2021

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An asphalt shingle roof installation in Fort Collins requires years of experience, specialized tools, efficient methods, and superior roofing products in order for it to last. At Fort Collins Roofing Company, you'll find that we possess everything required to do a reliable asphalt shingle roof installation, and it's all offered at a reasonable price. We're not in the market of taking our customers' money so that we can fatten our wallets. We genuinely care about the comfort and safety of everyone we serve. That's why every repair, replacement, or installation we provide comes with a customer satisfaction GUARANTEE.

Shingle roofing in Fort Collins

There's one asphalt shingle roof installation that we did in Fort Collins that our licensed and certified roofing contractors will never forget. With the time we've spent in this industry, we've seen just about everything. However, this particular job was uniquely challenging. When the client called, the representative that spoke to the man could tell that he was frustrated. He had contacted several other roofing companies in Fort Collins, but none of them would come to his much-needed inspection. He lived in a neighborhood that was well-known for property crime, and nobody was willing to take the risk. Most of the roofing contractors that were familiar with his location had heard crazy stories of thieves running off with expensive pieces of their roofing equipment, and in some cases, roofing materials left on the jobsite overnight would end up missing. We don't feel as though anyone should be put in danger, but we weren't going to let his guy go without his much need roof replacement either. Instead of approaching it like a regular project, we planned ahead. We usually send one roofing inspector, but to be safe, we assigned two for this sketchy location. 

The initial evaluation was done without incident, but when our crew arrived back to the office, they knew why other contractors weren't willing to hang out for very long. That's why we added extra resources when we scheduled the asphalt roofing replacement for a few days later. By sending a couple more employees to the home, we were able to finish the asphalt roofing installation in just one day. There was always someone around keeping an eye on our trucks and equipment, and there wasn't anything left to steal because we cleaned up everything before we left. Now we work on roofs in this area all the time!

Asphalt shingle roof installation in Fort Collins should only be handled by trusted and experienced roofing contractors. That's exactly what you're going to get when you call on the number one roofing company. Fort Collins Roofing Company is eager to go over your options with you. Get a FREE quote!

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